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  • re-release of past albums - October 2017

    The recording label MLK (under the direction of Mr. Dimitris Kappos) has just re-released the 5 albums by Psarantonis formerly issued on Lyra between 1994 and 2002, which had been illegally traded since 2011. The album titles, that you may now find on CD at all the record stores, are the following: PALIO KRASI EIN' I SKEPSI MOU (1994), APO KARDIAS (1996), NOGO (1998), IDAION ANTRON (1999) και RIZITIKA (2002).

    recent participations

  • Psarantonis sings the new song by Marios Loupasis on lyrics by Mania Messaritaki, called ASPRO KARVOUNO (White Coal).

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  • Psarantonis participates on the new album by Michalis & Antonis Fragkiadakis CHARAVGI (Twilight), singing on 8 out of 10 songs. Vasilis Papakonstantinou also participates on the album which was released in May 2017 on Rain Music.

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    website: Themistoklis Pantelopoulos, 2015-2017